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Updated daily: Anagrams with a literal twist. Getting the last word is always possible, rarely easy.

For fans of anagram-based games (STAR, RATS, TARS…), Typeshift is a new puzzle with a literal twist. Turn every letter solid by finding a word that uses a letter in its fixed spot. You score points for every solid letter, and turning them bold feels really satisfying. As always with our games, there’s more than one way to play: find the core word and eliminate letters that way, or try lots of different words quickly, as the value for turning letters solid decreases over time. If all else fails, begin typing in obscure words; there’s no need for a dictionary.

To play today's crossword puzzle and all other games, earn streaks, and to save your progress, sign up on our page at Puzzmo.

How to play Typeshift:

Your goal is to turn every letter solid. (Use every letter in at least one word)

How to turn letters solid

Slide the columns of words up and down to form valid words in the highlighted row. Valid words will turn their letters solid. Solid letters may be used in new words.

Core vs. Additional Words

Core words are the words used to generate the puzzle. It is possible to solve the puzzle with only the core words, and they are always commonly known words. But there are many additional words in Typeshift puzzles, and you can use any words you can find to solve the puzzle (no matter how obscure!).


You score points for each solid letter. Over time the value for turning letters solid decreases, so you get more points the sooner you enter letters. As always, there are many ways to play Puzzmo! If speed isn't your thing, consider trying to solve the puzzle in the fewest words.

Keyboard controls

Play Typeshift with your keyboard simply by typing. If a letter isn't in your selected column but is in the first column, the selection will return to the first column. You can also use the arrow keys to navigate between columns and move them up and down.

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